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PostSubject: Institute forget   Institute forget EmptyMon Apr 12, 2010 8:36 pm

One night, I went to visit a friend of being falsely accused, food, friends, received a phone call, I heard someone come out to tell a friend Who framed him, friends say you do not tell me, I do not want to know. I am a little nike dunk, a friend explained that, know what? Some things do not need to know that some things need to forget.

I applaud the open-minded friends. Chang Shi Bajiu unhappy life, make yourself happy, you must give yourself decompression is a good way to learn to forget that life can afford needs could get, and sometimes put it down even more important. There is a small Buddhist story, said the old monk and the monk went to beg alms, respectful young monk, everything looked the master, went to the river, a woman to cross the river, the old monk crossed the river on her own woman, woman thanks and left the little monk I always thought, how can the master back the girl cross the river? But he not dare to ask, has gone 20 years, he is a bottom Needing, asked Master, we are monks,
How do you back that women can cross the river? Master said lightly, and I put her back across the river to put down, but you are 20 years of her not back down.
If Zen monk full of big, think about it, but also of life. One's life like a long nike dunk shoes, keep walking along the wide variety of scenery to see, after many ups and downs, came to see if the heart past all remember, would give themselves a lot of additional burden on the richer experience, the greater the pressure, do not forget the way along the way as always to keep traveling light. The past is past, time can not turn the clock back, in addition to other lessons to be learned, need not bear a grudge.

Willing to forget is a psychological balance, need to frankly face life in good faith. Frustrated when some people can forget the embarrassment and distress, but then the proud delight in talking about good times, do not you know will stay the same success and failure in the past, always wallow in the past, not well attended, often say that I was young how to, take yesterday When the beautiful yellow eyes, so ephemeral in their hearts stay forever, complacent, smug, stuck among themselves and false, they will christian louboutin pumps, hesitate. The past is gone is the hero is not justified. The pain of the past repeated chewing, always face is even more unworthy of Kutaichoushen.

Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore said, "If you cry for the loss of the sun, you also miss the stars." Preoccupied with the trivial, millet to heart rot Sesame Chen, I'm afraid the ship overwhelmed mind and memory of the boat carrying high, make painful to live past the next check. An old saying: be angry is someone else's mistake to punish oneself. Always never forget other people's bad, in fact, suffer their own, let bygones be bygones who is happy and relaxed person.
This article was writen by Lisactrytoo on 2010- 4-13 from us-trade company.
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Institute forget
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