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 Camel,chanel handbags

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A small camel in the zoo asked her mother: "Mom Mom, why do we so in long eyelashes?" Camel mother
Mother said: "When the sand to come, long eyelashes, so that we can all see the coach outletin the storm."
Small camel asked: "Mom Mom, why do we as a camel back, ugly dead!"
Camel mother said: "This is called the hump, you can help us to store large amounts of water and nutrients, so that we can tolerate in the desert 10 days without food water conditions. "
Small camel asked: "Mom Mom, why our feet so thick?"
Camel mother said: "It allows us to heavy body Buzhi Yu stuck in soft sand and easy to travel long distances
Small camel happy bad: "Wow, that we were so chanel handbags to ah!! But Mom, why are we still in the zoo
Lane, do not desert hiking it? "
Man is man, Unfortunately, no one used. A good attitude + a successful textbook + an infinite stage
= Success. Everyone's potential is unlimited, the key is to find a stage for their full potential.
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Camel,chanel handbags
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