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 Lucky Draw

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PostSubject: Lucky Draw   Lucky Draw EmptySun Apr 11, 2010 11:47 pm

Lucky Draw

Lookout's annual celebration in a traditional lottery game called "Lucky Puerto Rico." Participation of staff, took out 10 U.S. dollars per person as a bonus, and his name written on a small piece of paper into an empty aquarium in, then work out from the inside of a lucky guest who's name was in the coach outlet people can use this money to enjoy a two-week vacation in Puerto Rico.
This year's celebration will be held as scheduled, the only difference is that today is the day porter Weiliqiongsi retirement, he has had 40 years in the company when the guard was. He suffered from polio, but the character is very cheerful. To work, people can see the old Village waving smiling in a wheelchair. Think this will be the Village last New Year's celebration, we can not help some lost heart.
Celebrate the end of the time, the host let Mike touch paper for power. Mike reached into the glass tank, a small ball of paper in the middle of a group of half a day exploring. Because in just wrote a note, he did not write his name, but write the "Weiliqiongsi" I hope to give more than this lovely old a chance. Finally, Mike picked out a ball of paper with the feel of his closest ball of paper and handed host. Moderator Expand note aloud the names of the above: "Weiliqiongsi!"

Mike could not believe my ears, touch the really did not expect their own coach bags, too lucky. At this time also a cheering crowd, all employees are flocking to the Village, loudly congratulated him, shook hands and embraced him. Everyone is excited, than their own in the award are also pleased. Mike suddenly realized what his hand again into his aquarium, quietly grasping a small ball of paper out of 45, started later and found that each piece of paper has a different handwriting, but written with a name - "Village Jones. "
Mike finally understand why we made so much fun, everyone thought that their paper was drawn up. Get free travel should be happy of course, but it can give Village a surprise even more exciting.This article was writen by Lisactrytoo on 2010- 4-12 from us-trade company.
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Lucky Draw
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