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 God was asleep

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God was asleep Empty
PostSubject: God was asleep   God was asleep EmptySun Apr 11, 2010 8:13 pm

God was asleep

Two daughters went to bed. Gilda 5 years old, Anna. Maria 3 years old. 2 small bed next to. The time has come to sleep, but they would also like to say something, wanted to tell the other day and encountered nike dunk new to hear.
Gilda: "sister, sleep, God has lay down."
Anna. Maria: "He is not in bed, sleep, sleep in heaven."
Gilda: "No! He slept on the cross!"
Little girls finish would be finished, and then sneak into the cool of the evening will be gently, like two carefree little fishes in the sea calm. They just come to this diverse complex world, it is not about any possible danger, I do not know that he went in front of hwa may at any time.
I'm not sure they were not dreaming. They probably are roaming far from home, perhaps watching their origin is re-born before they have seen. Yes ah, with age, with the evil mind change, we have forgotten childish innocence period, but they are close with. After playing one day, they are tired, they are encouraged to go to sleep, temporarily into the arms of death. Two small creatures to sleep in what frankly how sweet ... do not know their kind, do not worry about the nike dunk shoes of four volts and over the trap. In their view, every day life is joy. Although beginning to realize that good and evil,
Viewed with some displeasure or regret, but far Nenggen obligations and pain than adults.
How innocent: "God on the cross fell asleep." Adults have already realized this, so the children hear these words from the mouth that came out, very surprised. If God did not fall asleep, then all our eyes on the ridiculous: people not understanding each other, all sorts of those endless. The mystery of evil the modern world is that God already gone to sleep - two children out the true meaning of the topic enough to make up at night, people uneasy, thinking a long time.This article was writen by Lisactrytoo on 2010- 4-12 from us-trade company.
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God was asleep
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